Productive Encounters

Ethnography-by-Design: Scenographic Experiments in Fieldwork

Book Luke Cantarella, Christine Hegel and George Marcus Routledge (2019) Ethnography by Design, unlike many investigations into how ethnography can be done, focuses on the benefits of sustained collaboration across projects to ethnographic enquiry, and the possibilities of experimental co-design as […]

A Week in Pasadena: Collaborations Toward a Design Modality For Ethnographic Research

Click here to download Article Field: A Journal of Socially-Engaged Art Criticism Issue 1. , Vol. 1 | San Diego, CA Luke Cantarella, Christine Hegel and George Marcus  

Trade is Sublime: Rethinking the Field through Multi-modality, Visual Metaphor, and Circulation

Conference Paper

Click here to download Conference Paper The (Troubled) Field: 2014 Graduate Anthropology Conference New School for Social Research |  New York, NY Luke Cantarella and Christine Hegel